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If you require a primary maths consultant or a secondary maths consultant then we can help!

We can provide support across your primary school or within your maths department. We quickly identify issues and develop strategies for improvement and results. By working closely with heads, teachers and teaching assistants, Liz Henning Consultancy will implement crucial changes that will make long-term positive changes in your school and departments. We believe in inspirational maths teaching and engaging students both creatively and emotionally.

This environment is developed by putting innovative teaching in place and simultaneously strengthening leadership skills. Dr Liz Henning has over 30 years’ experience in mathematics education including teaching, school improvement and initial teacher  training and has key skills in behavioural management and raising maths results. She has increased GCSE A* to C maths results by 141%. Liz has worked with primary and secondary schools, PRUs, Alternative Provision organisations and universities, consistently achieving excellent results.

Liz was a subject and senior school leader, LA Mathematics Advisory Teacher, Regional Coordinator for the NCETM (National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics) for 5 years and Northern Director for MEP (Mathematics Enhancement Programme).

Developing the confidence of pupils in maths through easy to understand methods and inclusion of exam techniques


Primary Maths Consultants

01/ Invest in Primary

Primary Maths workshops for teachers and TAs

Numicon & Inspire Maths: Singapore Approach

Primary and Secondry

02/ Turn It Around

Specialised Maths expertise

Maths Improvement

Teaching & Learning

Improvement Packages

Secondary Maths Consultants

03 / Raising the Bar

Secondary Maths Workshops

For teachers and  TAs

Secondary Maths Consultants

04 / The Finish Line

GCSE Maths Revision

Master Classes

Intervention Lessons

Turn It Around

Primary and Secondary Maths Improvement

Specialising in mathematics training, we will work closely with your mathematics co-ordinator or subject leader, teachers and teaching assistants to set clear attainable goals for success. We aim to establish coherent and consistent high levels of teaching and learning. Mathematics can be enjoyable and engaging and with the right guidance and interactive training techniques we can inspire your team and pupils, raising your results in a short time period.
• Working to develop the leadership skills of mathematics curriculum leader
• Establishing high standards throughout
• Achieving and supporting excellent behaviour management
• Providing challenging and engaging teaching styles
• Developing contextualised schemes of work
• Ensuring the aims of the National Curriculum are met
• Focusing on examination result improvement

Primary and Secondary Maths Improvement Packages

Raising the Bar

Workshops for Secondary Teachers and TAs

We can design a menu of bespoke workshops to suit your departmental needs of your teachers and TAs. These can include:

Preparing your pupils for the demands of the new GCSE

Gaining ideas and trying activities to develop deep conceptual understanding, assist reasoning, fluency and problem solving

Teaching without levels at KS3

Designing innovative Schemes of Work

Using cross curricular contextualised approaches

Improving your questioning techniques

Dr Liz Henning holds the DfE accredited NCETM Professional Development Lead Support for  Secondary

Raise your bar!

The Finish Line

Secondary GCSE Maths Revision Master Classes and Intervention Lessons

Targeted at GCSE mathematics  borderline students working at 4/5 and 8/9 these master classes and intervention lessons will focus on improving results and attaining higher pass rates. Dr Liz Henning uses highly effective and proven teaching techniques to engage pupils and drive up results. She has increased A* to C grades by 141%. Developing the confidence of pupils through her easy to understand methods and exam techniques these master classes and intervention lessons help pupils to understand mathematical concepts and to retain this knowledge.

Get your students across The Finish Line!

Invest in Primary

Primary Maths Workshops . Numicon Training . Inspire Maths

Based on your needs we can design a bespoke menu of courses for your teachers and TAs. From Early Years to Year 6 mathematics we aim to increase confidence, enjoyment, understanding and knowledge. We can help participants to obtain an overview of where the mathematics they teach leads to. Spanning across all areas of mathematics where necessary, this interactive training will help allay fears of teaching mathematics as well as providing lots of ideas, which can easily be adapted to suit your pupils.

Prepare your pupils for the demands of the National Curriculum

Get ready for KS2 maths SATS

Prepare for the new times tables testing in Year 4

Improve your questioning techniques

Gain ideas and try activities to assist reasoning, fluency and problem solving

Improve assessment and feedback

To Invest in Primary Maths

Dr Liz Henning holds the DfE accredited NCETM Professional Development Lead Support for Primary

Dr Liz Henning is a qualified Numicon Lead and Inspire Maths School Improvement Consultant

Numicon is a proven approach to teaching maths for the Primary National Curriculum. It is a curriculum proof, multi-sensory approach, built on a proven pedagogy that raises achievement across all ability levels.

Inspire Maths is based upon the Singapore approach and uses spiral progression to develop mathematical fluency, reasoning, problem solving and conceptual understanding for mastery.
It uses Bar Modelling as a coherent tool to teach concepts such as the four rules of number, fractions, decimals, percentages, ratio and algebra.

To learn more or book a session:

Liz also leads training for teaching assistants to raise confidence in maths and to consider practical ways of supporting learners in the classroom.

Dr Liz Henning has raised departmental GCSE A* to C results by 141%


  • Liz is inspirational, motivating and very easy to work with. Her relaxed confident and knowledgeable approach brought out the best in me. She is exceptional at what she does.

    Eileen Sheerin, Headteacher Ashcroft School, Cheadle
  • Liz is committed to improving mathematics in schools and challenging how mathematics is taught throughout the curriculum. She is passionate about all she does and continues to inspire others with her enthusiasm and knowledge.

    Dr Mary Greaves, Headteacher St Charles RC Primary School
  • Through tailored support and implementing new policies, Liz facilitated Mossley Hollins High School to benefit immensely from her expertise.

    Vicky Dodd, Teaching & Learning Co-ordinator Mossley Hollins High School, Tameside
  • An outstanding Maths teacher

    Andy Raymer, Headteacher Matthew Moss High School
  • Liz inspires young people in maths without a doubt. She has the ability to teach ‘hard to teach’ kids and is always seeking ways to improve progress and makes maths a subject that young people want to buy into.

    Eileen Sheerin, Headteacher Ashcroft School, Cheadle
  • Liz has a keen curiosity and a passion for learning.  She is always looking to deepen her knowledge, setting herself very high standards and has a real talent for helping others to do the same, developing effective teams and individuals. I regard myself as very fortunate to have worked with a Maths educator of the calibre of Liz Henning.

    Andy Raymer, Headteacher Matthew Moss High School
  • I am very pleased to have received support from  Liz this year with regards to developing mathematics leadership and management here at The Grange School. Her mathematics teaching & learning, curriculum and assessment knowledge has been a significant boost to the faculty  and has helped to improve both teacher practice and student outcomes. I would fully recommend her to other schools.

    Rob Downey, Deputy Headteacher The Grange High School, Runcorn
  • I met Liz when she came to work with us at a school in Liverpool with a leaderless maths department.  Liz was very proactive and we soon had staffing well managed, well planned and making real progress with and for the pupils.  She is excellent at developing staff and was a popular co-teacher amongst the pupils as she was able to put all their learning into context for them.  As a result of the excellent work she did up in Liverpool, I have asked Liz to come down to my new school to work with both my primary and secondary teams to take our maths departments to outstanding.  

    Deb Garfield, Principal Aspire Academy (Harlow)
  • Liz spent one day a week in school for a half term providing support in class working with the pupils as well as support out of class developing a topic based scheme of work. Liz provided me with a range of ideas and resources that made maths engaging and differentiation simple. The topic based approach was a real hit for the pupils giving them context to their learning and allowing them to understand the links between maths and everyday life.

    Heather Boyle, Head of Mathematics Cumberland School, Lancs
  • Liz Henning was an inspiration showing us how open ended tasks can suit all abilities, even stretching the most able. Through her use of questioning we were able to see how we could develop problem solving activities throughout the whole school from EYFS all the way to our higher ability pupils in Year 6.

    Wendy Pang, Headteacher Great Chart Primary School, Ashford, Kent


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