Liz Henning Consultancy is a bespoke services tailored to meet your needs, providing support in areas you need help, within your whole school or particular department. Liz Henning consultancy focuses on identifying issues and developing strategies for improvement and results. By working closely with heads, teachers, and teaching assistants we can work together to implement crucial changes that will make long-term positive changes in your school and department.

We believe in inspirational teaching and engaging students both creatively and educationally, this environment is developed by putting innovative teaching in place and simultaneously strengthening leadership skills.

Liz Henning has over 25 years experience in teaching, school improvement and mathematics training and has key skills in behavioural management and raising GCSE results. She has worked with nationwide schools, consistently getting excellent results.

Liz Henning Consultancy provides four main packages;

  • Turn It Around – A School Improvement Package
  • Raising the Bar  – Specialised Maths Department Improvement package
  • The Finish Line – GCSE Revision Master classes
  • Invest in Youth – Working with Primary schools and Training with Numicon


Turn It Around – School Improvement

Liz Henning Consultancy with work directly with the Head of School to define areas that need attention and strategise a key timeline and implementation programme for school improvement. This will include:

  • Working to develop leadership skills for Heads of Department
  • Establishing high standards throughout departments
  • Getting behaviour management under control
  • Providing challenging and engaging teaching styles
  • Focusing on GCSE result improvement

After an initial consultation and overview of your needs we will set a time scale for achievements and goals. This package provides support advice and strategy to failing or borderline schools.

Turn your school around!

Raising the Bar – Maths Department Improvement Programme

Specialising in Mathematics training, Liz Henning Consultancy will work closely with your Head of Department, teachers and teaching assistants to pull the team together and set clear attainable goals for a successful department. Mathematics training can be fun and engaging; with the right guidance and interactive training techniques we can inspire your team and pupils, raising your GCSE results in a short time period.

To Raise your Bar

The Finish Line – GCSE Revision Master Classes

Targeted at the D/C and A/A* borderline students these master classes will focus on improving results and attaining higher pass rates. Liz Henning uses highly effective and proven teaching techniques to engage pupils and drive results.
Developing the confidence of pupils through her easy to understand methods and inclusion of exam techniques, these session have increased Maths department results by 141%

To get your students across The Finish Line

Invest in Youth – Primary & Numicon Training

This bespoke course covers up to Level 6 mathematics and aims to increase confidence, enjoyment, understanding and knowledge. It will help participants to obtain an overview of where the mathematics they teach leads to. Spanning across all attainment targets this interactive training will help allay fears of teaching mathematics as well as providing lots of ideas, which can easily be adapted to suit your pupils.

To Invest in Youth,

Liz Henning is a qualified Numicon Trained Instructor. Numicon is a proven approach to teaching maths for the Primary National Curriculum 2014 and beyond. It is a curriculum proof, multi-sensory approach, built on a proven pedagogy that raises achievement across all ability levels. To learn more or book a session visit:


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